Why Plant-Based?

Conscious Eatz was born out of a love for plant-based food...


Everything we serve is 100% made from plants. Eating this way is particularly beneficial to your personal health, the environment. and the animals that inhabit it. There is so much more to understand about the importance of these benefits, but the great thing is it doesn't take entirely changing your diet. Simply exchanging one daily meat meal with a plant-based alternative can make a huge difference. 


"Going plant-based for two-thirds of your meals could

cut food-related carbon emissions by 60%"

Source: The Economist 11/15/19


Our Mission.

Our mission is to create and share food that is conscious of having a positive impact on personal health, the environment, and animal welfare. Through a love for good food, we hope to spread awareness for the true benefits of

exploring plant-based cuisine.


The Future.

We want to bring plant-based food everywhere. 

During the warmer months you can find our truck in Burlington, VT, and in the colder months we head to Wellington, FL. Receive our schedule, recipes, discounts,

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