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About Conscious Eatz

At Conscious Eatz, we believe you don’t have to choose between delicious food, great health, and a thriving planet. We aim to use local, organic, and seasonal ingredients whenever possible, because we know that’s the best– and only– way to nurture ourselves and the planet we depend on.


At the core of our mission is the plant based ethos. Both science and observation have informed us that the industrial livestock industry is environmentally and ethically degenerative by nature. So, we look to plants– particularly those that are grown by producers who care deeply for people and planet– as sources of nourishment for our community.


Our Mission

We are passionate about our evidence-based approach, ensuring that our sustainability practices are in line with those advanced by trusted authorities and scientists. That’s why we aim to meet the four dimensions of sustainability proposed by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization: good governance, environmental integrity, economic resilience, and social well-being. 


Good governance: Our business operations are guided by a dedication to sustainability, from the food we serve to the small businesses we support. We understand that transparency and accountability are central to our responsibility as a restaurant.


Environmental integrity: We believe we can be a part of the solution to environmental degradation and climate change. By sourcing local and seasonal ingredients, and excluding ingredients whose industries are destructive, we hope to make sustainable diets accessible and delicious.


Economic resilience: Large-scale food supply chains that serve big food corporations often profit from labor abuses and ecological damage. Conscious Eatz understands that economic resilience must be rooted in supporting local economies by uplifting independent farmers and promoting sustainable industries. 


Social well-being: By cooking healthy, plant-based meals using ingredients that were grown with fair labor and sound environmental practices, we hope to instill within our customers a deep understanding of nourishment as a prerequisite for a thriving society.


Our Commitment

As a vegan restaurant, we are dedicated to serving you real food. We know that vegan alternatives can be inherently unhealthy and even unkind to the planet. Highly processed foods that require industrial farming operations, the import of exotic ingredients, energy-intensive processing operations, and single-use plastic packaging are not the solution. Instead, we pride ourselves on serving you whole foods prepared with honesty, love, and simplicity

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